Friday, December 14, 2007

The Sleeper, 1897
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
oil on canvas
Oskar Reinhart Museum, Switzerland

Breasts high and open, with

the curving belly, to the sun --

legs and arms neverthelessly

sprawed on the knowll.


Eyelids lightly closed,

lips relaxed in enigmatic smiling

at whatever daydream itches

slowly in her mind.


It doesn´t matter that the frame

couples her with desultory clouds,

a frond of bush curving

above the round thigh like a never

quite caressing hand.


No touch can break

the budding flesh´s perpetual

summer, nor wake

death from this sunshiny dream.



Bariss Mills

Domestic Fables

New Rochelle, NY, 1971, The Elizabeth Press


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