Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Around the fish, 1926
Paul Klee, German, (1879-1940)
Museum of Modern Art, New York


Around the Fish: After Paul Klee


The mind from nature, divorced by love,
Stunned into being by the running wave,
Swims backward always. Around the fish,
Unreasoning sensation made a wish.
Parsley, persevering in a tree,
Maturely withers in the alchemy
Of elms and willows. So with us
The elementary is most serious.


Wishing, the Fisher King sat down
(Bait was his body, but his catch a crown!)
Incarnate fish sood rose again,
Hooked to the level of his flawless line;
The sea stirred; sunlight's mica hurled
Aroma of the fish around the world;
Darwin breathed it on another shore,
Gasping the less than liquid air.

Swimmers, crying inthe undertow,
A water blinds us where we go;
The whirpool of the inner eye
Has wet ambitions, casts its fly
On sightless water; baited, fed,
Its fishing pole hangs by a thread.
But Christ lies on the blue plate, still.
The spawnless salmon strike to kill!

Howard Moss, American, (1922-1987)
Selected Poems
New York, 1971, Atheneum

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At 12:57 PM, Blogger Naty said...

Congratulations for the posts..
It looks so good. I loved.
It's a pleasure to read good things.In this world of omitted people, we needed culture, arts, poetry.



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